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My Daughter Christine's Photography Studio is Open!

The sweet family picture you see here, and many of the photos on other parts of this site, are the work of my daughter, Christine Alford, who specializes in photos of infants and children and maternity shots of their Moms and Dads.

Christine is the owner and operator of Luna Grace Photography Studio and Gallery, where her work and my wall sculptures are shown. My daughter takes magical pictures of expectant moms and dads, newborns, toddlers, and records the early milestones in their lives. She has a special way with babies that has allowed her to produce irresistible images of them, sometimes with their loving parents.

For those wishing to celebrate the beauty of maternity, the tiny humans in their worlds, or any of their not-so-tiny milestones, Christine is currently offering ZERO SESSION FEES on appointments. Don't miss this opportunity. :) :) )

If you are interested, call Christine at 760-575-4945 to schedule an appointment and have any of your questions answered. You may also visit her web site at .

Take a look at the photos below. Are these not pix to treasure?


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