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Take a look at our vision, mission and what we stand for. If you like what you see, please consider joining us in helping every person be empowered to thrive.


Very simply, our Vision is a world where every person is empowered to thrive. 

Our Mission is to provide two critical “missing links” to empowering all humans in the 21st century:

  • every person having ready access to critical tools, knowledge and connections; and,

  • every person being able to meaningfully participate in basic social and economic processes.


We work with others who believe in this Vision to design and implement a r)evolutionary, bio-inspired, collective action framework, the mycoPLACES ECOSYSTEM

The mycoPLACES ECOSYSTEM framework fosters individual development and productive cooperation, collaboration and action---at any scale---in any place and space. 


Our core operating principles center around building individual and group capacity and empowering every person to thrive.

We are structured as a simple for-profit with a social purpose, though all forms of individual action and collaboration (NGOs, GOs, for-profits, voluntary associations, etc.) are essential in the mycoPLACES ECOSYSTEM


Our Vision is of a world where every person is empowered to thrive. It is a vision of increasing prosperity & well-being for organizations, groups and all citizens of the world---while living in harmony with the rest of earth’s living beings. 

Our Mission is to work collaboratively with you and others to design and help provide two critical missing pieces that empower and enable people anywhere to transform this Vision into reality:

  • every person having ready access to critical tools, knowledge, and connections; and,

  • every person being able to ​meaningfully participate in, contribute to, and benefit from basic social and economic processes.

Our core Strategy for carrying out this Mission is to design, help create and support the mycoPLACES ECOSYSTEMa r)evolutionary, sustainable infrastructure for empowering humans. It uses a bio-inspired design to enable people to thrive by individually and collaboratively generating and implementing solutions for themselves and others.

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MycoMesh's offerings foster productive cooperation, collaboration and action---at any scale---in any place and space through a r)evolutionary, bio-inspired, collective action framework that we call the mycoPLACES ECOSYSTEM

MycoMesh will work collaboratively, in variety of ways, with individuals, organizations, informal community groups, business and government entities who come to share a belief in this Vision and Mission. We will help customize the mycoPLACES Ecosystem to the culture and context of a local community and then license, promote and support core aspects of the platformIf you are ready to consider collaborating with us, just get in touch.

The mycoPLACES ECOSYSTEM takes its inspiration from the fabulously effective and successful world of mushrooms (mycelium). While most us are totally unaware, mushrooms perform their magic. They operate a pervasive, living superhighway under our feet; their invisible underground network nurtures (delivers food, water, chemical signals and medicine) to 70% of earth’s vascular plant-life on our planet.  Within its flat network structure, every individual contributes and benefits.

Mycelium is a platform for life; adaptable, resilient, quick to sense change and respond to it. Without the mushroom network, the planet’s bio-system would collapse. MycoMesh purposely models itself after this beautifully-evolved planetary asset and seeks to mimic its sophisticated networks for our evolutionary success. 

MycoMesh carries out its mission by designing and supporting an ecosystem that provides pervasive access to an bio-inspired, ecologically-designed set of tools and learning that

  • help release the untapped resources of people in all walks of life who are currently held back by circumstance or the actions of others

  • help level-the-playing-field by providing access to empowerment tools, learning and connections

  • grow new forms of commerce, including the emerging circular and sharing economies, that benefit all stakeholders

  • promote and support flexible, decentralized local-regional-global sense-and-respond capabilities to solve problems in individual communities before they fester and grow

  • help institutions of all types cope with the complex challenges of the 21st century by introducing and promoting ecological-design.

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MycoMesh itself is currently structured as a simple for-profit with a social purpose---though all forms of individual action and collaboration (NGOs, GOs, for-profits, voluntary associations, etc.) are welcome and, in fact, are essential for mycoECOSYSTEM sustainability.

MycoMesh was created by a wife-husband team, Barbara and John McDonald, who have spent almost 50 years working in traditional and non-traditional roles, collaborating with like-minded individuals, and advocating and acting on a variety of social and economic issues. If you follow MycoMesh or join with us, you will meet and collaborate with a large group of interesting, talented and committed people who bring a wide variety of perspectives, experience and tools to the challenge of empowering everyone to thrive. We are looking for others to collaborate with us.

We believe that all humans can achieve sustainable prosperity and well-being if given a meaningful chance. We also believe that what is most needed today is a readily available, foundational infrastructure that builds individual and group capacity and empowers every person to thrive. Many of the human and technological pieces are available to those with power and financial resources. However, they are not widely dispersed nor accessible to the vast majority of people who need them.

We believe that to be scalable, sustainable and effective, this foundational infrastructure would have to: 

  • support pervasive access to a core set of enabling tools, knowledge and connections

  • build individual and group capacity for people to meaningfully participate in, contribute to, and benefit from the society’s social and economic processes

  • be available on-the-ground and in the cloud

  • use ecologically sound tools and solutions---reach far beyond traditional systems-thinking

  • focus on developing r)evolutionary, sans-leaders and bottom-up approaches, including crowd-sourcing---rather than relying heavily on traditional top-down and leader-oriented approaches

  • respect and learn from other species in our shared habitat (e.g., by using biomimicry, ecological thinking, and more)

  • promote and utilize approaches that balance social purpose and profit

  • respect the varying self-interests and perspectives of individuals and groups---and build up them to the extent that they are not directly opposed to the MycoMesh core principles

  • collaborate actively with individuals and groups who believe in MycoMesh's core principles and values.


To learn more about the ingredients and features of the mycoPLACES Ecosystem, use this link.

To learn more about how what makes the mycoPLACES Ecosystem so different from traditional, top-down approaches, use this link.

If you are motivated by this vision, mission and our way of collaborating, please get in touch with us and explore how we might work together >>

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