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Whim of Iron

Barbara McDonald, Sculptor 

Welcome to a new genre of free-form, one-of-a-kind sculptures cut from hard steel in organic patterns and themes that leapfrog the barriers of imagination and define Barbara McDonald's artistic work.

Barbara carves her visions in steel and mounts them on "cradled" boards to produce a finished wall sculpture that can be displayed and enjoyed in the format of a painting. The ability to hang the work on a wall lends a versatility to these three dimensional pieces beyond ordinary sculpture.


Enjoy a virtual walk through Barbara's unique work in her Gallery.

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Learn more about the artist.

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New and Enhanced Pieces

My gallery is undergoing expansion this month.  Watch for the new and enhanced pieces. 


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Blue Skies of Spring

Spring has always energized me and this year the effect is stronger than ever.  The heavy rains of winter have given my garden a beautiful explosion of flowers and fruits.  How inspirational is that?!

Under the intoxicating influence of Spring, a number of new pieces have tumbled out. 


You may notice, a new direction in theme with one of the new, steel-on-cradled board pieces, pictured here. Who Wants to Play, vignettes a young lion emerging from the shelter of foliage in the Serengeti to look for play dates.

Steel Carving Revisited

Although I have been using this technique of freehand cutting and carving steel for a number of years many people still jump to inaccurate conclusions regarding how the sculptural pieces are produced.  For some reason, the idea of using a plasma cutter to "paint" in steel is so unusual that some people cannot wrap their heads around it.

Home Again

After more than 5 years at Cove Gallery, two wonderful summers exhibiting at the international Art Festival in Laguna Beach and a much-deserved hiatus, Whim of Iron is returning home to its Oceanside, California base.

As Oceanside punctuates its on-going transformation with the groundbreaking of its two new resort hotels next to the Oceanside pier beachfront, Barbara is returning home to work on taking her steel sculpture work to the next level as well. 

Check this space over the coming months for a peek into what is coming. In the meantime, new visitors are welcome to explore Barbara's online gallery of current "painting with a plasma cutter" works, a few of which are still available for purchase. 

Photo: Sunset at the Oceanside, California pier by Jot Powers-Wikimedia Commons License-640px-Oceanside-pier.jpg. No changes.

Barbara exhibited at the Art Around Adams festival in Normal Heights, San Diego in June. 

Visitors had a chance to meet with Barbara, in person, on opening day or to explore her new work at Sabuku Sushi every day from June 1 through June 21. 

Click the See More link below for full details of that Art Around Adams event and Barbara's extended exhibit sponsored by Sabuku Sushi.

New Way to Collect Barbara's Sculptures

Collectors will soon be able to enjoy Barbara's work in a new form of sculpturally-enhanced keepsake boxes. Enhancing every day life with sculpture, these boxes add an artful touch to a desk, coffee table or entry hall shelf.  The steel elements lend  visual weight to the boxes, which measure 6" by 12" by 2" and are moderately priced.  

If there is a graduate on your list, you can be the one to give an elegant specimen of sculptural art with one of these practical little boxes.

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Barbara is often quizzed about two aspects of her work: 

  • Where does she get her inspiration?

  • What does she do to construct the pieces? 


Just click Link Here >> for Barbara's answers.


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