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Whim of Iron

Art & Empowerment

WELCOME TO MY WORLD!  I’m Barbara McDonald and I have been producing art in my own niche in the art world for15 years --- since I retired from practicing law.  I say it’s my own niche because, so far as I know, no other artists, even those who work in metal, employ steel fabricating tools as I do. 


I “paint with a plasma cutter.”  That means that I wield a super-hot metal cutting torch free-handed --- like a “brush” --- to carve layered, textured and nuanced, wall sculptures out of steel. I favor themes that test the limits of our imagination and resonate with us on a gut level.


Please feel free to browse my Gallery on this site to get an idea of what the finished wall sculptures look like.  Of course, 2-D images are not ideal for conveying the uniqueness of these 3-D wall sculptures, but you can see the colors, dimensions and designs. 


My work is on display in the state-designated Oceanside Cultural District at the Luna Grace Photography Studio and Gallery, 409 Mission Avenue, Ste. C125, Oceanside, CA. See Luna Grace’s website for hours and more information.


By the way, Luna Grace is just a couple of blocks from one of the best beaches in the state, a few blocks from the excellent regional Oceanside Musuem of Art, local theater houses, the landmark Oceanside pier, and the excellent new restaurants and resort hotels that have made Oceanside their home. Come make a day of it!


Make yourself at home and browse this Whim of Iron web-site. 


Enjoy a virtual walk through Barbara's unique work in her Gallery.

Link Here >>

Learn more about the artist.

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Explore Barbara's inspiration and methods 

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To reach out to Barbara with any questions

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We’re happy to help.


Female Martial Arts #2 AdobeStock_74438276 (1)_edited_edited.png

On a very personal note, for more than 60 years, we have shared a common commitment to helping empower individuals and communities. 

​In this, hopefully, post-Covid year, we want to share our (and your) experiences and lessons-learned in their new endeavor, the Whim of Iron Empowerment Hub. The Hub’s mission is to help you break through the obstacles in your life to achieve personal and community empowerment.  

And, NO, it is not a place to learn the martial arts --- though we very much respect such ancient practices. We use images of the martial arts as one way to convey that iron core of mental strength that we help our members find and perfect in themselves.

So, what do we focus on in the Whim Iron EMPOWERMENT HUB?

Personal Empowerment

First, we focus on personal empowerment --- helping individuals, groups and organizations identify, develop, and apply practical, time-proven tools to thrive.  

We are starting the HUB with a few free, no-obligation Courses to help people decide if they would like to join with us on a personal empowerment journey.

Take a look at the new Whim of Iron EMPOWERMENT HUB.

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Community Empowerment

Second, we focus on community empowerment --- helping individuals, groups and organizations identify, develop, and apply a foundational set of practical, time-proven tools to accomplish their mission.

Link Coming >>


mycoPLACES EcosystemTM

Imagine, for a moment, that one could redirect just a portion of the incredible talent, resources, and imagination from the traditional top-down community response structures and instead truly build empowerment from the ground up.

A few years ago, we designed a r)evolutionary people-and-technology-based platform, that we called the mycoPLACES EcosystemTM. It focuses exclusively on empowerment --- from the ground up. It trusts that empowered and enabled humans will survive and thrive alongside the other species who inhabit our planet.​

We will be bringing this project to the Empowerment Hub later this year for others to examine, critique, adapt, and explore how to use it.

In the meantime, if you're curious about the mycoPLACES Ecosystem platform, click the link to contact us directly for more information.


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