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In the 1960-70’s, we had the honor of working closely with incredibly dedicated community organizers and the small number of community-service-oriented organizations that existed in that era to help those who lacked the resources to survive and thrive.

Today, we join with others who watch with dismay as tens of thousands of specialized initiatives and institutions --- with equally dedicated participants --- try to address an ever-expanding list of problems. Critically, the vast majority of these approaches still "require:" top-down infrastructures, resources, and energy; a focus on “symptoms and problems;” and, a reliance on “leaders,” rather than equally-empowered participants.

The resources keep increasing, but the problems remain and the gaps continue to expand! There must be a fundamentally better way! In fact, we believe that recent societal and technological changes create a unique environment and opportunity for just such a change.

Imagine, for a moment, that one could redirect just a portion of that incredible talent, those resources, and that imagination from the traditional top-down response model and instead truly build empowerment from the ground up.

Some years ago, we took our shot at addressing that question and we designed a r)evolutionary people-and-technology-based platform, that we called the mycoPLACES EcosystemTM. It focuses exclusively on empowerment --- from the ground up. It trusts that empowered and enabled humans will survive and thrive alongside the other species who inhabit our planet.​

The Great Recession and the Covid Pandemic intervened and we put the project on hold just as we were selecting pilot locations. Now in our 80’s, we understand that we will not be able to birth and nurture this initiative. So, we will be bringing this project to the Empowerment Hub later this year for others to examine, critique, adapt, and explore how to use it.

In the meantime, if you're curious about the mycoPLACES Ecosystem platform, click the link to contact us for more information.

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