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A Free-Agent Ecosystem

“With permission, The Free Agent EcosystemTM for independent, 1099-workers is being adapted for use in The mycoEcosystem to help any group build trust and work productively together.” [Source: MycoMesh]

Some years ago, an international group of consultants faced the very real and personal problem of dealing with a major corporate restructuring that involved their leaving the company. Was there anything they could do together to maintain their practice as independent consultants?

Enter Joe Sterling---one of the consultants---and some of his colleagues. Joe developed a tool to facilitate pain-free collaborative business connections and sharing of intellectual property. The Free Agent Ecosystem is an innovative method of establishing trust among potential and real competitors.

From a “first date” to a long-lasting collaborative relationship, the Free Agent Ecosystem provides a map through a metaphorical mine field. The ecosystem helped build mutual trust and facilitated the expansion of joint projects among the consultants, which made for both healthy relationships and a profitable bottom line.

This story does not end with the success of this particular group of consultants---because the Free Agent Ecosystem will be coming to MycoMesh and to the world---adapted to bring down the barriers faced by people who wish to partner with others for their mutual prosperity and well-being and that of the larger community.

It is being adapted in two ways: first, the MycoMesh version will reflect even more of the natural, organic bio-inspired, ecological approach used throughout the mycoPLACES Ecosystem. The new version will also be adapted to reflect: a greater diversity of goals; the needs of different cultures; and, individual personality preferences.

What barriers and problems do you and your friends encounter when you meet interesting new people and see new opportunities for collaboration?

What would you want to see in the MycoMesh version of a free-agent ecosystem?

Join the conversation. Make a difference. Speak out!

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