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Enjoy Art in Sculpture and Food at Sabuku Sushi in San Diego - June 1 to June 21

BREAKING NEWS! Barbara will be exhibiting at the acclaimed Sabuku Sushi at 3027 Adams Avenue in Normal Heights, San Diego for three full weeks starting on June 1st. Sabuku Sushi was one of the featured places on the Travel Channel’s Food Paradise series, recently for innovative takes on traditional sushi construction (such as the addition of bacon, [yes bacon] to sushi rolls). Many thanks to Johnny Tran at Thumbprint Gallery in La Jolla for bringing Barbara's Whim of Iron sculptures and Sabuku Sushi's culinary art together. The pairing of Barbara McDonald's uniquely innovative wall sculptures with Sushi chef, Bob Pasela's artful sushi creations is nothing short of inspired. Come to see Barb

Re-opening the Curtain on Whim of Iron...

It's time to open the curtain on the new Whim of Iron website! We hope it will be a site you will want to re-visit frequently for its features, as well as for the ability to preview new art pieces as they are being created and completed. Here, you will be able to view Barbara McDonald’s Whim of Iron body of work, read articles on a variety of subjects, follow links to other sites of interest and receive announcements of new artistic events and exhibits of interest. You can also contact the artist by a number of methods, i.e., this blog, phone or email. We look forward to your feed-back regarding the art, the site, events which interest you, your opinions about art and life in general, anyt

Secret Inside - Sculpture Outside

"There is something about a small keepsake box that I often found attractive as a child. Having a receptacle for something special gave me a little shiver of excitement when I placed the box in my room. When I was a little girl, my family had firm traditions around Christmas and birthdays that dictated that each gift had to be treated with respect and had to be wrapped specially. Rarely would two gifts have exactly the same wrap. That wasn’t in the spirit of gift giving. Apart from the beautiful papers and special ribbons, bows or other decorations, a proper box to was a must---although that might mean boxes within boxes. Over the years, I have become less strict about the gift wrapping.

How Art Touches Us

A disclaimer is in order for this article. It represents my personal opinions on the subject and makes no pretense of scientific validity. However, I think I'm onto something. You be the judge. "I don't know much about Art, but I know what I like." This is a remark that anyone who takes art seriously has heard on many occasions. The phrase is often used by someone who anticipates that his or her taste will be criticized by someone with an air of authority, but, in fact, it probably is the best starting point for most collectors. Anyone who fancies himself or herself to be an artist will probably have the experience of seeing the mental processes a potential buyer goes through before act

The Magic of Steel in Metal Arts

Consider for a moment. In your life-time you have surely seen beautiful and striking artistic expressions in gold, silver, platinum, copper, zinc, brass, bronze, titanium, aluminum, iron, etc., and, in my favorite, steel. In ancient times, as in the present, metal arts carried a special attraction. Maybe it arises from the sense of strength and permanence inherent in hard metal. In ancient Greek mythology, Hephaestus, a son of Zeus and Hera, was a metal worker. He is said to have fashioned, among other wonderful things, a servant made of metal [robots anyone?]. Today, he is known as the god/patron of metal workers, blacksmiths, metallurgists, etc. Although he was reportedly ugly in appear


I write this from the perspective of an artist who does not anticipate that her work will be readily reproduced. My original steel-on-cradle-board wall sculptures, with their layers of organically carved steel elements could, potentially, be reproduced by some sort of 3D printing method, but don't look for that while I am still alive. I choose to maintain a body of work that is composed entirely of originals. Still, like most artists, I have the work of other artists in my home, and originals of the greats are often too budget bending for me. Yet, I am able to enjoy many of these greats by purchasing them in the form of a Giclée. The Giclée print is to older forms of fine art reproduction

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Welcome to Whim of Iron, featuring Barbara McDonald's one-of-a-kind steel wall sculptures. 

We hope you enjoy Barbara's unique artwork and will contact us with any questions.


phone. 1-760-439-0409

mail. 825 College Blvd., s/102-526, Oceanside, CA



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