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Blue Skies of Spring

Spring has always energized me and this year the effect is stronger than ever. The heavy rains of winter have given my garden a beautiful explosion of flowers and fruits. How inspirational is that?!

Under the intoxicating influence of Spring, a number of new pieces have tumbled out. You may notice, a new direction in theme with one of the new, steel-on-cradled board pieces, pictured here. Who Wants to Play, vignettes a young lion emerging from the shelter of foliage in the Serengeti to look for play dates.

The piece has a strong presence at 3 feet wide and is one of my first works to take advantage of a technique, I’m delighted to say, enhances the beauty of the steel carving. It is a clear, jewel-like coating of resin that suspends the steel at a moment in its life cycle.

Although I, and a number of collectors of my work, love the life cycle of steel through all its stages (pure production, heat oxidation, rust, etc. etc.), I also am delighted with being able to halt those processes at any point. The resin coating enables the capture of any moment in the life of the sculptural pieces, which, if you think about it, is the whole point of most pieces of art. My delight has produced a creative energy that has given rise to new pieces. I almost can’t keep up with the ideas.

I hope you are as taken with the new technique as I am.

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