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Attitudes & Mindsets: We have met the enemy and it is us

We have met the enemy and it is us...

While we can readily identify a wide assortment of external forces that act as Barriers to people's thriving, perhaps the most difficult Barrier is the one that we impose upon ourselves. Our conscious and unconscious biases and prejudices about others hold us back from creating and participating in an enabling environment.

We, at MycoMesh, try not to be naive about the strength of this particular Barrier. Instead, we try to bring such biases and mindsets to light and to help all of us understand how and to what degree they affect everyone's ability to survive and thrive. We will be asking that people recognize them and consider whether, in the end, those attitudes and mindsets are more important to them than achieving a world where every person is enabled to survive and thrive.

We are optimistic that, when the issues are presented in an open and respectful way, that the vast majority of people will ultimately decide in favor of survival and prosperity of all.

We also recognize that not everyone will agree with the Vision and Mission of MycoMesh initially, or perhaps ever. The choice is up to each invidividual.

MycoMesh is not designed to be a forum for debating the correctness or incorrectness of various mindsets and attitudes. Rather we, will attempt to identify those attitudes, principles and tools that, we believe, should lead to everyone's being enabled to thrive. In turn, no one has to join with us nor subscribe to the mycoCONSTITUTION to gain access to the MycoMesh website, but we will provide increased access to certain functionality of the website to those who embrace the vision and want to participate actively.

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