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Opening the Curtain on MycoMesh...

The journey has been long, but worthwhile. Today we are releasing the new MycoMesh website as well as the MycoMesh Facebook and LinkedIn Pages.

Our deepest thanks go to the wonderful people who have helped make this site possible, especially to our past and present Advisors who contributed so much along the way. We will be introducing you to some of them over the coming weeks so that you can gain from their insights and talents as well. We start those introductions initially with Dr. Tamsin Wooley-Barker, who is releasing her ground-breaking new book, Teeming: How Superorganisms Work to Build Infinite Wealth in a Finite World.

Please take a close look at the website and the series of blogs that describe the MycoPLACES Ecosystem [Click here>>]. If you find MycoMesh's Vision and Mission compelling, please join with us in this movement.

Everything depends on your active participation. You can choose to Speak Out through our blog, Like our sites, subscribe to our mailing list, become a MycoDESIGNER or MycoMesh Partner, and, soon, to participate as a Member of the MycoMesh movement. [Click here>>]

It’s your choice. Join with us in whatever capacity you wish and help make this a movement that truly empowers every person to thrive.

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