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Economic effects of empowering women

“The global economy would grow by $28 trillion by 2025 if women participated in the labor force to the same degree as men—a 26% increase and almost equivalent to the combined GDPs of the U.S. and China.” [Source: Time, September 24, 2015]

If anyone needs an economic argument to justify women’s equality, one need only look to the McKinsey Global Institute’s report, The Power of Parity: How Advancing Women’s Equality Can Add $12 Trillion to Global Growth. The report “…found that even incremental progress on gender equality could have a big payoff. If every country matched the participation rates of the highest-performing countries in their region, global activity would increase by $12 billion—equivalent to the GDPs of Japan, Germany, and the UK combined.” [SOURCE:]

MycoMesh's founders, Barbara McDonald and John McDonald, spent a long, productive day at the Global Empowerment Summit with a diverse, international group to discuss empowerment, especially of women. As powerful as an economic argument for participation of woman is, the Global Empowerment Summit’s speakers and participants did not need to reach that point. Participation and empowerment is simply a matter of justice!

Organized by Alliance4Empowerment and UC San Diego, the day-long SUMMIT held at the Sanford Consortium focused on powerful stories and calls for action. You can see Part 1 of the SUMMIT on YouTube at

John, who was then CEO of the non-profit, Partners for Innovative Community, recommended that the non-profit transfer their leadership to an amazing group of women, led by Naila Chowdhury, who have renamed the non-profit Alliance4Empowerment (A4E). The transfer made it possible for the new leadership of Alliance to bring the empowerment movement to San Diego in a matter of months.

MycoMesh will be working with many organizations, including A4E, to bring an enabling infrastructure to the world so that individuals and groups in any community can work collaboratively to tackle any issue, including empowerment and labor force participation.

Do you agree that the participation and empowerment of women is a matter of justice? What can people do in your local community to increase participation of women in the labor force and empower them to take their place as full partners with men in any role they wish to play in life?

Join the conversation with your Comments below. Make a difference. Speak out!

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