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What do these two human beings have in common?

Separated by thousands of miles, economic circumstances, age, gender, ethnicity---and more, these two human beings seem so different. Yet, even though we have never met them in person, the message is clear that they share a determination to thrive, to live and to reach their potential!

At its core, MycoMesh is based on the belief that we humans as a species have this built-in need and determination to thrive and to reach our potential. This fundamental drive is not limited to one part of the world, to enclaves of wealth and privilege, or to one gender, religion, race or ethnicity. The mycoPLACES ECOSYSTEM is designed to tap into this fundamental drive and to provide an accessible and enabling environment in which every human being can participate in to flourish.

MycoMesh's ecosystem does so by re-imagining public and private spaces of all kinds so that they provide the tools, knowledge and attitudes necessary to survive and thrive in the 21st century.

Do you agree with the assumption that all humans share this innate drive? What other fundamental positive characteristics do you believe all humans possess? Tell us how we can draw upon, and support, those characteristics to help everyone thrive...

Please join the conversation and share your knowledge and experience in the Comments section below. Speak out!

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